Sound and sustainable governance
is in our DNA.

Good corporate governance is at the heart of impact finance and we are here to make sure your fund’s governance is sound. We provide day-to-day support, expertly helping you steer, manage and operate your impact fund.

We interact with public and private promoters and investors every day, so we know and understand your needs.

General Secretary services supporting the Board of Directors and the Fund and coordinating with all service providers
Fund management services supporting the Investment Advisor, allowing him to focus on pipeline development, investment advice and fundraising

We also serve as independent directors, offering our seniority and expertise to impact funds to ensure good corporate governance.

Management Support
General Secretary
img-description BS
  • Board secretary
  • Board meetings
  • Governance
  • Advisory
  • Administration
img-description FS
  • Fund documentation
  • General meetings
  • Investor relationship
img-description FM
Fund management
  • Portfolio management support
  • Risk management
  • ALM, cash, FX
  • Budget monitoring
  • Reporting & publications
img-description ID

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