SIF - The Sustainable Investment Fund


Description of the Project:

The EOS S.A. SICAV-RAIF fund was initiated by Abraxas Capital Management Ltd and launched in July 2021. The Sustainable Investment Fund (SIF) is a sub-fund and was launched at the same time. SIF invests in wind projects, solar energy plants, and other clean energy projects in Western and Southeast Europe. Abraxas Capital Management is the Portfolio Manager.

Innpact Contribution:

Innpact Fund Management S.A. was selected as the Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) of EOS S.A. SICAV-RAIF and SIF and worked with Abraxas Capital Management to establish the required policies and procedures to establish the RAIF. The AIFM completed the required due diligence of the Depositary Bank and Administrative Agent. Innpact S.A. is engaged to provide additional services.

Project Factsheet:

  • Name: The Sustainable Investment Fund
  • Inception: July 2021
  • Initiators: Abraxas Capital Management Ltd
  • Portfolio manager: Abraxas Capital Management Ltd
  • AIFM: Innpact Fund Management S.A.
  • Sector: Wind and solar projects producing renewable energy
  • Geographic Focus: Western and Southeast Europe
  • Target Financial Intermediaries: Private companies
  • Financial Instruments: Private equity and private debt
  • Type: Sub-fund of Luxembourg SICAV-RAIF
  • SFDR Classification: Article 9


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