Jaida - MicroCredit and technical assistance to Morrocan enterprises

photo Jaida


Description of the Project : 

JAÏDA, is a financing fund for microfinance institutions (MFIs) in Morocco. It was established as a Moroccan limited company and approved by the Central Bank of Morocco.

The main objectives pursued by the Fund are:

  • Facilitate the financing of all MFIs to improve access to credit for micro-entrepreneurs in Morocco;
  • Raise funding from private sources and attract new private capital to the microfinance sector;
  • Foster the institutional development of MFIs.


Innpact Contribution :

Design of a technical assistance facility for Morrocan enterprises

  • Name : Jaida - MicroCredit and technical assistance to Morrocan enterprises
  • Inception : June 2007
  • Initiators : KfW
  • Geographic Focus : North Africa
  • Type : Found
  • Info http://www.microfinance.ma/

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