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Description of the Project: 

From micro loans to SME loans, to current accounts, savings plans, insurance, transfers and much more, Advans aims to offer small businesses and other clients that have ill–adapted, limited or no access to formal financial services products to help them grow their businesses and achieve their professional or personal goals.

Innpact contribution :

 Innpact was involved in the structuring and negotiating between the different parties, the institutional transformation process which included Advans acquiring part of Horus Development Finance and Technical Partner to form an integrated microfinance group.

  • Name : Advans International (formerly Horus Development Finance )
  • Inception : 2016
  • Structuring Partners: KfW Development Bank
  • Sector : Microfinance
  • Geographic Focus : Africa, Middle East and Asia
  • Investees : Microfinance institutions
  • End‐Beneficiaries : Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) and other populations who have ill-adapted, limited or no access to formal financial services
  • Instruments : Equity
  • Type : Fund
  • Info :

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