Sustainable Development Bonds Can Help Fill the $2.5 trillion Investment Gap in the Sustainable Development Goals

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The European Impact Investing Luxembourg (EIIL) network, supported by Innpact, published a paper today on a recently developed category of innovative impact financing mechanisms called Sustainable Development Bonds (SDBs). The paper specifically outlines the importance of the public and private sector’s role in the funding of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how SDBs can be used to bridge the private sector funding gap.

The report highlights the different debt instruments currently available from well-known Green Bonds to Social Impact Bonds. A variety of instruments are presented and several case studies outline the practicalities of different types of instruments.

The European Impact Investing Luxembourg is an open initiative supported by a group of Luxembourg-based firms in the financial services sector that seeks to contribute to the development of the impact investing sector, facilitate initiatives in this area within Luxembourg, and promote the Luxembourg financial centre's capacity to support and coordinate the impact finance industry.

Innpact supports the EIIL and played a leading role in the drafting of the paper.

Read more on how the private sector can fill the $2.5 tril­lion investment gap of the SDGs in the EIIL Paper

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