Innpact has run the ING Marathon in support of Toutes a l’école, Luxembourg

Toutes à l'école

The charity Toutes a l'école was originally founded in 2005 by French journalist Tina Kieffer. Its sister charity in Luxembourg was created in 2010 and has been granted the status of NGO by the Luxembourg Ministry of Cooperation as from 1st January 2015. The mission of Toutes à l'école is to provide high-level education to under-privileged Cambodian girls and to allow them to become independent women and find jobs in the future where they can enjoy freedom and dignity.

Message from Tina Kieffer the Founder-President of "Toutes à l'école":

"Toutes à l'école" chose Cambodia in 2006 for its first school, Happy Chandara. "This first pilot school will be a blueprint for others which will follow, so that women with degrees will be able to influence the economic and political environments of their countries. "Toutes à l'école" has decided to give priority to the education of girls. Although we defend education as a fundamental right for all children in the world, whatever their sex, it appeared urgent to improve the immense unfairness that girls undergo and which makes them victims for life."

Since then more than one hundred girls each year have enrolled in Happy Chandara, which as of today counts nine hundred fifty pupils. It is expected that when the school opens its doors for its senior class in 2018 there will be more than one thousand two hundred fifty students. One thousand two hundred fifty students who will be building their own future, that of their children and that of their country thanks to their education.

Innpact is particularly keen on fostering the education and well-being of younger generations. This is why a team of Innpact runners has engaged to participate to the ING Marathon on May 30 and to run across the streets of Luxembourg in support of Toutes à l'école Luxembourg.

Anybody who subscribes to the cause of Toutes a l'école and would like to help Innpact support the charity can do so by making a donation by cash transfer to IBAN: LU84 0080 2124 4530 2001, BIC: BLUXLULL, REF: INNPACT or directly via the website quoting INNPACT in the message.

A big thank you from Innpact and from Toutes à l'école Luxembourg!

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