Innpact featured as a B Corp at the Celebrate the Changemakers 2016 Conference and in Paperjam magazine

Adriana & Marija 2016

We sought the B Corp certification not only to signal our commitment to social and environmental responsibility, but to also encourage our partners, clients, and other companies to achieve the high standards of a B Corporation as well. We are very pleased then to have attended the Celebrate the Changemakers 2016 conference where we met many other inspiring companies from all over Europe.

We have also been featured in Paperjam, a business magazine in Luxembourg, as the first B Corp in Luxembourg.

The diversity of the [Luxembourg] financial center allows the development of companies active in this field [impact investment] and it is with this momentum that Innpact was founded in 2007 and, at the end of 2015, became the first B Corp (benefit corporation) in Luxembourg. Founded 10 years ago in the US, this certification is awarded to companies that display social or environmental non-financial objectives, implemented for the good of the community.

“Today, labels or certifications tend to position companies as neutral on environmental or societal levels. In the heads of many players, they are simply satisfied to do no harm,” explains Arnaud Gillin, founding partner of Innpact. “This B Corp label goes beyond basic considerations and emphasizes the improvement of society.”

We hope that the readers of Paperjam in Luxembourg will be inspired to follow our lead and join the movement to create companies and promote economic activity that improves society. 

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