Follow Alessandra from Innpact, as she provides insights from the Boulder Microfinance Training in Turin

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After being awarded a scholarship by - the Inclusive Finance Network Luxembourg - Alessandra Nibbio, Junior Consultant at Innpact, is off to Turin for the 3-week Boulder Microfinance Training.

After a call for applications earlier this year, and a rigorous review process, Alessandra was selected as the recipient of the scholarship.

This year's training in Turin places a strong focus on Digital Financial Services (DFS), which have seen rapid growth in their use to provide people around the world with access to formal bank accounts, insurance, and other financial services.

After the first week of training, Alessandra's belief that she is "at the right place at the right time" to make a lasting impact has been confirmed once more. She hopes that, upon her return to Innpact, this training will allow her to "make a more conscious contribution in (her) daily work."

To follow Alessandra throughout her different courses and workshops in Turin, as well as her insights on the training, you may access her regular updates on the InFine website by clicking here.  

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