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In the December 2016 issue of LEO, the financial centre’s magazine, leading experts share their views on how best to deliver on climate change and discuss their innovative work in climate finance. Arnaud Gillin explains, on page 15, how impact funds can provide a credible and substantial contribution to the international fight against climate change at the same time positioning Luxembourg as an international centre for climate finance.

“What we see post-COP21, post the SDGs, is that the bulk of activity, the focus of all our partners in development finance institutions is on climate finance. Climate finance doesn’t mean only renewable energy, but it’s a whole broad range of sectors from energy efficiency to water management or climate change adaptation. We see a lot of these projects coming to us and a lot of actors in this space. They know how to invest, but what they don’t know is how to set up the vehicle to channel the money from the various contributors, and that's where Luxembourg comes in.”

With over 14 investment vehicles set up in Luxembourg, Innpact has developed an unrivalled expertise in the design and implementation of impact funds creating unique Public-Private Partnership platforms involving donor agencies, foundations, development finance institutions, international financial institutions and private institutional investors.  In total, these investment structures account today for more than USD 4.5bn invested in impact finance.


Two out of three impact funds in Europe are Luxembourg funds. These finance funds need to not only have a financial return but have an environmental or social impact".


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