The setup of an impact finance vehicle is a challenging exercise as it requires not only expertise in the field of investments but also a thorough knowledge of all legal, regulatory and operational issues which could be encountered in setting up and running an impact finance vehicle. Our setup services aim to accompany the promoter of the project through the various steps of the design (market analysis, legal feasibility, investment strategy, financial modeling, design of the structure,...) and thereafter in the implementation of the designed structure (supporting in the drafting of the business plan, assistance in the drafting of the legal documentation, selection of the appropriate service providers).

In the design phase we assist the promoter in the financial and technical design of the investment vehicle through the following services:

>  Definition with the promoter of the preliminary concept
>  Assistance in the analysis of the investment market demand and of the potential investors
>  Development of the investment strategy of the vehicle
>  Elaboration of financial models simulating the portfolio risk and return
>  Design of the investment structure with all key features of the vehicle
>  Selection of the appropriate regulatory framework, domicile and legal form
>  Drafting of the Term Sheet and support in the negotiation with potential investors
>  Discuss the Strategy Report, Technical Paper and Term Sheet with potential investors

In the implementation phase we support the promoter in setting up the vehicle as a legal entity. This support includes the following services:

>  Preparing the business plan and marketing materials for the distribution of the vehicle     
>  Selecting service providers (legal counsel, auditors, custodian bank, fund manager, etc.)
>  Drafting legal documentations (prospectus/offering memorandum, investment management agreements, shareholders' agreement, etc.
>  Development of Fund processes, policies and procedures (investment guidelines and processes, origination, due diligence and monitoring, asset liability management and risk management policies, and social /environmental impact and LDN monitoring
>  Liaison with legal counsel and supervisory authorities for the registration of the vehicle
>  Assistance in the closing phase